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Whether you are buying new premises, moving to reduce operating costs or simply change your existing floorspace you’ll need to make good on your existing property before you leave. 

Before you start planning on how to organise your new premises there’s a few things that need to be taken care of. Whilst many owners and tenants are aware of this, its always good to be aware of your obligations especially as the landlord is entitled to take legal action for any premises that are not left in a good standard.

What does make good mean?

Often referred to as end of lease, office strip outs or make goods, this terminology in the commercial industry explains the process of handing back the premises in its original state. This process can cause the most angst and often, engaging a professional fit out company may save time, eliminate confusion and streamline the process of ensuring your obligations have been met. 

what does it involve?

Whilst it sounds simple – what exactly is involved? First things first, check the Lease Agreement to determine what’s in your original agreement. In simple terms, the obligation of the tenant in a end of lease, is to:

ContactWhilst the end of a lease can often result in a dispute between the commercial landlord and tenant, Duval Commercial Projects can help offer advice during this time regarding tenant obligations to ensure everyone is left happy. 

Our services cater to commercial operators at the end of their lease, changing locations or seeking to implement a new interior renovation on the other side, our services assist all. Duval Commercial Projects offers both ends of the spectrum, designed to accommodate the individual needs of your business whilst providing a thorough end to end service. 

Our defit process provides an extensive safe removal of all aspects of the property, from furniture to fixings, technology and more. Our Standard End of Lease Make Good involves the removal of loose fixtures, fitting and furniture whilst a more extensive Make Good involves the removal of permanent aspects of the space including floorboards, carpet, heating and cooling, cabinets, sinks and more.

Duval Commercial Projects services the entire Sydney metropolitan area of Sydney and is available 7 days per week around the clock. To arrange your no obligation complimentary quote, call our professional team today. 

Sydney De Fit & Make Good Specialist
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