COVID–19 Virus Safe Guards

Covid-19 Office Virus safeguards

Duval Commercial Projects is committed to helping protect you, your staff and the local community during this difficult time as we navigate through COVID-19 and changes to the workplace. Our range of services starting with a Office Hygiene Health Check is here to help lower the risk of infection through airborne droplets, the primary method of infection. Our consultants can help determine the roll out of necessary precautions and what this means to your workplace on a long term basis.  


Whilst one thing is for certain, our everyday lifes and workplace has changed. As we navigate through these changes it has become apparent that how we work is drastically changing. Whilst hot desking may be temporarily a thing of the past  we need to adapt to make sure our hard surfaces including kitchens and bathrooms are kept clean and infection free. Management will also need to ensure a safe 1.5m distance is applied and this extends to managing appropriate spacing in lifts. A clear plan is needed to ensure the necessary precautions are taken in the Sydney office space.


DCP is now a registered installer of Virascreens, a premium Perspex sneeze and cough guard. An ideal low cost and lightweight option to keep you, your staff and customers safe during COVID-19 restrictions. Available in two sizes the protective barrier is ideal for offices, medical centres, supermarkets and the hospitality industry. In order to help keep us all in check, Work Safe Australia has published guidelines for businesses to abide by in this uncertain time


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Let Duval Commercial Projects protect your workplace and install virus screens